"Turn your demons into art, your shadows into a friend,
your fear into fuel, your failures into teachers, your weakness into
reasons to keep fighting. dont waste your pain.
Recycle your heart." -Andrea Balt

Si Se Puede! We did it La Gente SF's Kickstarter 100% Funded!!! There are too many people to thank here for the endless tide of love and support. But I want to give a special shout out to Jessica Anne Hendrick & Joshua Coffy who we behind us 1000% in every possible way. We couldn't have done it with out them. I feel so blessed right now. This campaign was an absolute verification that The San Francisco Artist community is alive and thriving. We had so many people come out and support us with donations, promo, offering rewards, and spreading the word about the campaign all over. And Gracias for the constant calls, emails and texts of encouragement, love and random llama pics. We feel honored to represent the Bay and now are completely obligated to make the most amazing album of original musica that LA GENTE has ever released. This album is going to blow your mind and make you proud and we are taking this show back on the road to let world know! Considering that I haven't slept in 4 weeks and have suffered 37 mental breakdowns and heart attacks, Its time to sleep for 48 hours, and hit the Studio dudgeon asap and finish this record!! I love yall and once again can't thank you enough! Que viva La Mision, Que viva La Bahia! Que viva LA GENTE!!

This Friday July 3rd
Oaktown Indie Mayem Presents:
& MJ's Brass Boppers 
+ special guest Babii Cris
for Oakland First Fridays @ Awaken Cafe

LA GENTE return to the East Bay for Oakland First Friday. We will be
linking upwith our favorite NOLA FunkBrass group MJ's Brass Boppers!!
As alwaysthis event at Awaken Cafe is 100% free! So there is no excuses 
this will also be the celebration party for Kickstarter campaign
that we just completed 100% Funded! 
New album coming soon!





Big Thanks to Everyone who came out to 
Still recovering from the 5 show marathon of Carnaval San Francisco. I wanted to thank everyone
who collaborated and supported the community and LA GENTE
 I feel absolutely blessed
to be part of such a vibrant, passionate and beautiful familia! Thanks to everyone at the 

de Young Museum Friday Night. To all the Non Stop Bhangra crew and musicians Saturday
night and of course everyone who came out to support LA GENTE at 17th and Harrison and to the
after party at 
El Rio to parrandiar with us and Soltrón SF!